The UK's first online dispute resolution service!


  • e-Mediator brings many of the benefits of mediation without you having to leave your office!

  • e-Mediator is ideal for disputes where:

    • there is a previous online relationship
    • less than £15,000 is at stake
    • you'd rather settle out of court
    • a deal needs to be done but you can't justify a whole day out of the office to mediate
    • you feel that you might be uncomfortable or disadvantaged at a face to face meeting
    • the parties are geographically too far apart to make a face to face mediation practical.

  • e-Mediator is not mediation, but it uses many of its techniques, and enables the parties to benefit from a similar collaborative problem-solving approach as the more traditional face to face mediation.

If you are interested in using e-mediator to help to resolve your dispute, contact us now by telephoning 0844 561 1763, or send us an email outlining the details of the dispute. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how best to proceed.




Why mediate with Consensus?:

mediation works ...It's often difficult to see what's really going on in a dispute - mediation cuts to the issues

"... because it helps the parties to resolve even the most difficult disputes in a practical way. It deals with their real interests and needs without the risks and costs of further court proceedings. The parties achieve their own solution without an imposed decision."

consensus mediation's role ensures that...

  • Mediators remain wholly impartial and focused on the dispute because we handle all the fee negotiations, contracts and documents;
  • Mediators do not become disqualified from acting (even by perception) because of previous direct or frequent instructions from one party or solicitor;
  • Our experienced case managers can help smooth out pre-mediation communications between representatives in highly charged or multi-party disputes;
  • Clients and their solicitors can concentrate on the case while we sort out all the administration and logistics.

why choose consensus mediation...?

We quote an inclusive fee for the mediator's time and the administration of the entire mediation process. Consensus Mediation does not charge for "overtime" or for any other hidden extras. Consensus Mediation engages the best mediators from all over the country, so we can find the right person in the right place to help resolve your dispute.

Our fee structures are designed to give you clear, attractive, options - call us to find out more

Call our Case Managers:

0844 561 1763

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